Busy weekend.

I guess you could probably tell by how late this post is that it has also been a busy week!  I can’t believe that tomorrow is already Friday.  Last weekend was busy because Alicia and I were hosting my dad’s surprise 50th birthday party.  We spent most of the night Friday cleaning and rearranging furniture.

I had been wanting to run the Red River Run 15k race that Saturday.  I left early Saturday to actually run it but on my way there I started doing the math in my head about when I would be done and when people would start to arrive for the party.  If my math was correct, which it usually is, I would not have time to run the 15k.  It’s a good thing they also had a 5k to run.  I switched my registration form and ran that instead.

This time of the year is the time of year when you don’t really know what you should wear when you are running.  It’s just starting to get cold and your body hasn’t yet acclimatized to the temps.  Races are especially tricky because your body is working overtime and creates a lot of extra heat.  Being as that it was 30 degrees with a 15mph north wind, I decided to wear a long sleeve under-armor type shirt under my jersey and just wear shorts.  It turned out that that combination worked out pretty much perfect for the temps.  I was cold waiting for it to start but warmed up just fine.

Since I recently started training for the Securian 1/2 Marathon in January, I just started getting back into some speed work so I wasn’t quite sure how I would do for the 5k distance.  I knew that the FIRST training program I was following always had some good and quick results for me in the past.  I was expecting to run somewhere around a 19:30.  Turns out I had a really good day.  I was able to run a 18:55 at the 3.10 split according to my watch.  According to my watch the course ran a little bit long.  I’m never sure what to believe though.  All I know is it was close enough and I was very happy with my results.  After the race I ran to the car and headed home just in time to get a couple final things done before people started to arrive.

There were lots of people that showed up.  It made for a very fun time at the house that day.  My aunt Elaine and uncle Gary came up from the cities and it was nice to be able to show them the house that Alicia and I built.  They are always a lot of fun to be around as well.  There were lots of laughs and good times to be had by all during the party.  And what Isakson get together with Uncle Gary would be complete without a game of dominoes?  None, that’s what! (I lost big time(I was even the score keeper(lame(I know))))

Sunday Alicia and I went out to my mom and dads to visit with my aunt and uncle a little more before they headed back for the cities.  After that, we went to Alicia’s Dad’s shop where he was kind enough to pick us up a set of tires and help me throw them on the Ion.  Then to her Dad’s house for good eats and visiting!

That was the busy weekend.  The week has basically consisted of me going to work then coming home to build suspended shelves around the entire garage.  Finished them up last night and they are looking pretty good!

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  • Alicia says:

    LOVE the shelves! The garage looks so clean now! You’re awesome :)

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