Not quite a full moon…

Last night, Wynter and I ran over in West Fargo for the Full Moon 5k (the moon was really a crescent).  We both got there around 6:30.  Plenty of time to go hang out in the High School before the start. 

The weather was almost perfect.  The only thing I might have changed was the breeze but it wasn’t bad at all.  A nice cool night for a run.  It started out really well.  I was running about a 5:50 pace for the first two miles or so.  It felt like I was running slower.  I was doing really good.

Shortly after the two mile mark, my lungs started to act up.  It was like my chest was getting tight and it was hard to breathe.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  I hung in there and finished with a decent time that was about seconds or so faster than the Red River 5k I ran two weeks ago.

After I finished it felt like my lungs were on fire.  It started to get a little better as time went by.  Wynter came flying in shortly after me for an almost PR.  We went inside to get cookies and cider in hopes of winning the astro start.  We didn’t win.  I know, what a surprise!  Between the two of us we had a one in 250 chance of winning.

I started to wonder about why my lungs were hurting so bad and then a sneeze attack shortly after the race filled in the blanks for me.  Two days earlier I put the pups shed together.  This included breaking down a bail of straw for them on the ground for insulation to keep them warm and dry.  I remember after doing this it was hard to breathe.  I’m guessing that during the race, the heavy breathing broke loose some particles and I must be allergic.  I have been sneezing and having a runny nose ever since the race last night.

While I had a good time at the race, I am curious to know how good I could have done if I didn’t get the little allergic episode.  I’m sure there will be plenty of chances for me to find out in the near future.  So far the training for the Securian Half Marathon has been going good and I’m hoping to do really well at that race then ramp up the miles for the Lake Wobegon Marathon.  Before the half, I think I will run one other race, the New Years 5k up in Fargo.  If things go as planned, I’m hoping to PR at that race.  It would be very awesome if I could get down to 17:59!  We’ll see!!

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