Pretty cool

Last night. Alicia was laying on the couch and said she felt the baby move. I hopped over there to check out the situation. I was pushing on her belly and I actually felt it! It was pretty cool as the title of the post exclaims!

Now, I’m not going to lie.  At first I thought it was just gas.  The more I felt it the more I could tell it wasn’t.   If baby is anything like me, baby is tired of sitting around and ready to get out into the world take on the challenge known as life.  Or maybe baby was just mad that we kept pushing on his house!

Next week, we find out the gender!

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  • Robert says:

    Awesome! That is super exciting. If the baby is anything like you, I’m sure s/he will have run at least 3 marathons before s/he is born! HA!

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