Busy week!

Last week Alicia and I got to have our first ultrasound of the new baby.  We found out it’s a boy!  It was pretty cool to see him moving around.  He was all over the place.  The little guy is just like me, can’t sit still for anything!!

It turns out the doctors were a little off on the initial due date.  The new due date was pushed to May 11th.  If that is the case, I might have been able to squeeze in Boston but it was probably a good idea for me to just postpone that till 2012.  2012 will depend on Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon.  I’m sure I can do it again though!!

Saturday I got to run the Jingle Bell run in Fargo.  It was a brisk morning with a 12mph north wind.  The roads were pretty icy and full of snow from the snow that fell the day prior.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run as fast as I have been.  Especially since two days before the race I ran a pretty tough speed workout.  It was nice to be out and running though.

I ran pretty even throughout the whole race.  I slowly made my way from about 10th place up to second.  Second lasted for only about a quarter mile and I finally settled into third and held onto that position till the end.

After the race I had to head home right away to help move some of Alicia’s grandparents stuff from their old house to their new house.  Then after that I finally got the old snow blower running like a million bucks and blew out the driveway and the 6′ drifts that formed around the dogs fence!!

Sunday, Alicia and I got some good winter pics.  Check them out HERE!

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