Has it really…

…been over a month since my last post?? Wow, December flew by… Not only that January is flying by as well. Let’s see… What has everyone missed?

Well, we had Christmas. Christmas was good. Lots of family gathering, lots of food, and lots of fun. What comes after Christmas? New Years of course.

Alicia and I had every intention of going out New Years to do something fun but Mother Nature had other plans. She hasn’t been very nice this winter. For those of you who don’t live around here, lots and lots and lots of snow!

All of the snow wouldn’t be so bad except for we keep getting wind after it snows! The wind wouldn’t be so bad after it snows except we live in the prairie! Living in the prairie with lots of wind after it snows wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to move it I suppose. We have been getting CRAZY big drifts in font of the house and more importantly along the fence that keeps the pups in. The large drift is topping 6.5 feet. The dogs could simply walk on top of the drift right outside of the fence. I’ll have to take some pictures. After spending about four hours one day shoveling around the fence and having a snow blower with a broken connector rod between the piston and the shaft, I decided a to buy a new snow blower! It works great. The big Craftsman makes clearing the snow a lot easier… It is still tough but cuts the time probably in half instead of using just the shovel.

Lets see, what else… Alicia is doing great with the new baby. We are both getting excited to have him grace us with his presence. I’m sure the time will go by very fast!

Two weekends ago, I drove down to IA and helped Eric frame his basement. It looks good and it sounds like he is making some great headway since my departure.

Another interesting piece of news, I created yet another Android app. This one is a results finder for running and other such endurance races. It basically connects with OnlineRaceResults.com and MarathonGuide.com and gives you an easy to read mobile version of the results from their sites.

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of running. Been hard with how busy I have been and how terrible the weather has been as well. I really wanted to run the New Years 5k but the weather was bad enough that they canceled the race. That means my next race is going to be the Securian Frozen Half Marathon in St. Paul. I’m hoping that my 16 mile trudge through the snow and ice outside yesterday when it was 0 degrees and 30mph winds will make the half seem like a walk in the park! We’ll see.

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