Lots happening…

Ok, so it has been a while since I have posted on here.  I have meant to post a few times but just never seem to get around to it.  For the most part, everything has been going good with mostly good news.  I’ll start with the not so good news and move on to the good news as a way to help leave a good taste in your mouth.

A couple weeks ago, we had our last snow storm of the season (I hope).  This snow storm brought along its usual snow drift’s while we were at work.  Due to this snow drift Mya and Olivia were able to get out of the back yard.  When we got home, all the dogs were home except Mya.

I spent the next week driving and running around everywhere I could find looking for her while Alicia created flyers and called all around.  We still have been unable to find her and no one seems to have seen anything.  My only guess right now is that someone must have taken her since she was the one that would normally stick around the house when she got out.  Alicia, the pups, and I all miss her and hope that she comes home soon.

Since Kode was all practiced up from running at the Freeze Your Buns Run, I figured he could run with me at the Maplefest 5k in Vergas.  It was pretty warm for him to be running fast but he did really well.  We started in the back with Wynter and Olivia because there were lots of dogs and they were all very excited.  Kode and I worked our way up to second place about a half mile before the half way mark.  It was there we stayed till the finish.  He was really really hot!!  He did a good job though.

A week ago, Robert and I competed in a Google Coding challenge in an attempt to win a free ticket to Google IO (May 10-11th  in San Francisco).  It turns out that we are pretty awesome and we both won ourselves a ticket to Google IO.  That was very exciting and as long as everything works out with baby Isakson and when he decides to grace us with his presence, I should be able to go.

Everything with baby Isakson has been going good.  Well, for me.  I can’t speak for Alicia.  We are both ready for him to come.  The doctor again changed the due date.  Initially they said it was April 16th.  They then changed it to May 11th.  They changed it yet again to be May 4th.  We are both thinking it will be before then.  I guess we will find out soon enough!!

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