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It seems as though my posts get more and more spread out.  I really do have every intention of writing more to keep those of you who actually do read the site up-to-date.  Time just fly’s by.  Especially since Zander came into our lives!  Since this post will more than likely end up being a bit longer, I am going to break it out into topics.


Zander can be described in one word.  Awesome.  He is a great little guy!  Sure someday’s he can be a bit of a handful and somewhat needy but it is all worth it.  I know I have it pretty easy when it comes to taking care of him though.  Alicia deserves all the credit.  There are some days when he will be fussy most of the day with Alicia and by the time I get home he is a perfect little angel, I’m thinking because he is so tired out from being fussy all day!  Most of the sleepless nights belong to Alicia as well.  Sure, I’ll get up when he starts crying and change him but I get to fall right back asleep while Alicia has to stay up and feed him.  I wish there were more I could help with.

Boy does he grow!  I swear in a week or two he is going to be taller than Alicia.  Well, maybe not that tall but pretty close.  He is also doing all the other kind of neat things that baby’s do as they grow up.  It is really nice that I am able to get to spend time with him.  This reminds me of how hard some friends of ours have it.  He is in the Navy and has to leave on deployment for long stretches at a time.  I know he loves his family and they love him so it must be tough.


I am no longer employed with Corelink Solutions. I am still on the front page of the website though!!  The reason I no longer work there started about six months back.  They were going through a big restructure and basically the entire company was going to change the way everything was done.  At first I was somewhat excited because I like change and thought that this could add more of a challenge to my work.  As it turns out it was somewhat the opposite.  The role I was put into was much less challenging than what I did previously.  Not only that, most of the parts I liked about my job (coding/problem solving) were being replaced with documenting and administrative tasks.  I didn’t call it quits right away.  I decided to stick it out and see what I thought.  After a couple months I still didn’t like it.  This is when I did what I tell everyone who complains to me that they hate their job, I found a new one.

How did I find this job?  Being a big Google fan, I was intrigued by a blog post I saw on the forum written by an employee of Sundog talking about new technologies that were being displayed at Google IO.  Being as that I had previously worked my butt off to score a ticket to that very same conference by way of winning a Google coding challenge, my interests were spiked.  I read more about the company and the more I read, the more I thought this would be a great company to work for.  Turns out they had a job opening that looked like it would fit me perfectly — Software Engineer.  I applied and after a few meetings, I had a new job.

This week was my first week at my new job.  So far so good.  I can tell that I will like it there.  There is always a little bit of awkwardness from learning the ins and outs of a new place of employment but after those bits dissipate, I have a feeling that I will be able to do very well for myself and for Sundog.


June was kind of a tough month for me as far as running goes.  Well, I guess it wasn’t tough, mostly because I hardly ran!!  I had a bit of a tendon problem in my left ankle where every time I ran it would become inflamed and cause a lot of pain.  I essentially took three weeks off of running.  I did, however, replace my running with biking.  Biking was great when I wasn’t able to go running.  It is a lot of fun to be able to go places that are further away than when running.  This is especially true living in the country.

When I did start running again towards the end of June, my running has been going really good.  I haven’t had any other issues with my ankle and my legs are still strong.  Actually, the last weekend in June I competed in the Average Joe triathlon and had a great bike and run leg.  A few days later I rode my bike up to Fargo (only 20 miles due to a flat tire and no spare) and ran in and won the Noridian 5k.

I have been transitioning to more ultra distance training for the upcoming Voyageur 50mile and the Sawtooth 100mile.  This includes doing longer, slower runs.  Since I work in the Multiband building on the 5th floor, I thought it would be a good idea to only use the stairs and if I need to use the restroom, to use the restroom on the 1st floor.  This has been great and it has really helped strengthen my legs.  I know this will help for the power lines section of Voyageur!!

I also started to do some night runs.  It seems like this is one of the only times I have to go out and not feel bad about leaving Zander and Alicia since I already don’t get to see them a whole lot during the day.  Tonight I was going to go out for a few hours after everyone went to bed.  I only made it an hour before it started raining and storming so I came back in.  Turns out we were in a tornado watch so probably a good thing I did!  Maybe tomorrow night I will get a chance to go out again and really put some miles down while practicing running in pitch dark by way of my headlamp.

I am really excited for Voyageur to come here.  I’m not sure why I like that race so much.  Might be the challenge or the familiarity but whatever it is I get really excited thinking about hopping out on that trail, running, and seeing the sights!  I’m probably weird but I actually like the power lines section!  I haven’t registered for Sawtooth yet.  I decided to wait till after I ran Voyageur so I knew whether or not I would have the legs since I had to take some time off.  Right now I think I will be fine.  My legs feel good.  Ultras are more mental than physical…. right???

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